Here we go again….

I am very glad to say that I have gone ahead and purchased new webspace and a new domain name.

http://mrthebigman .com

It currently points at this very website and will do as I start to build a new site which will hopefully be ready February of 2013.

Some new stuff:


I just received my invitation to the all new MySpace and I will be building my presence on their shortly.


They have just updated their backend so I will be posting more on there as I get time



My new record is now available to download from bandcamp for free.

Download Chiller

That’s all from me but I will post regular updates on the new website as and when I create it.

New releases

OneShot Killbot


200 one shot bass and lead sounds available to purchase for £3 from Sampleism.

Buy now!

Also just in via our friends at zazzle – the official OneShot Killbot tshirt.

Buy it now for £12.35

Secret Sauce – Massive

50 weird and wonderful sounds created with NI Massive. Available to download from Sampleism for £2.

Buy now!

The next release will be the viral only release of Chiller which will be the next single off my last album.

It will be the last release of the year and should land on December 2nd.

In early January there will be s very special release of the b-side.


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